The Anxiety Medic

I'm a paramedic and emergency nurse turned anxiety expert ready to help you reclaim your life from anxiety and worry. My mission is to help you live a more empowered, balanced and joyful life.

Willow Francis

I work with a medication-free approach to anxiety that goes beyond talk therapy and cognitive re-patterning. Drawing from 30 years of research, my method targets the autonomic nervous system, reducing and reshaping anxiety. By altering physiology, we initiate a profound shift in psychology, offering a path to lasting changes.

Reduce your anxiety quickly in real-time
Change your relationship with anxiety
Deal with the underlying causes of your anxiety
A medication-free, evidence-based approach

We will focus on creating change in your life from the first session. We'll work together in this six week program,100% focused on your specific needs.

Relief is Available Now

Evidence based tools working with your own physiology to fast track change

At the beginning of my training with Willow, I was without doubt, at the most difficult time of my life I have ever encountered. After the the training with Willow, and embracing his knowledge and the invaluable tools he shared with me, my life is forever changed in the best possible way. My situation in life has not changed, however my approach to it, and massive gain internally in my level of gratitude, acceptance and calm are nothing short of a miracle. The positivity of this growth visibly radiates to those who know me, who say they have never seen me happier, or more at ease. I cannot thank you enough Willow. – Sandra Kerr
Before completing the training with Willow, I was struggling to reconcile the stresses of modern female life. I often felt like I could never get on top of things. Living a balanced life seemed like an elusive dream. I was carrying a lot of stress and anxiety, which led to constant exhaustion and irritability – which was no fun for anyone, least of all myself. The course gave me the tools I needed to access my inherent wisdom and achieve the balance that had been eluding me. Willow provided a gentle and supportive space to learn. The tools he teaches are simple yet powerful. Whilst I still have all the same apparent stressors, my perceptions have shifted to allow me to move through my days with ease, accessing authentic feelings of love, gratitude and joy for life. My inner security has grown knowing I have the tools to manage the challenges of life. Thank you Willow!” – Zen Bowring

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